At our school we endeavour to develop the whole child and part of that development relates to co-curricular activities. 

We offer a number of sporting and cultural activities, together with a series of education opportunities outside the classroom. 


Kapa Haka

Education Outside the Classroom

Education Outside the Classroom (EOTC) is an important part of school life at our school.

The interactions that take place while students are involved in learning outside the classroom are rich opportunities for implementing many aspects of the NZ Curriculum. 

The experiences students have together beyond the classroom are important not only because of the learning that occurs for each individual student but also for the shared experience that teachers can draw on afterwards for further learning opportunities.




Enviroschools is based on five guiding principles.

Empowered Students are enabled to participate in a meaningful way in the life of Eastern Hutt School. They are supported to take action for real change.

Learning for Sustainability recognises the types of teaching and learning that foster student empowerment, decision-making, action and sustainable outcomes. 

Māori Perspectives honours the status of tangata whenua in this land and the value of indigenous knowledge in enriching and guiding learning and action. 

Respect for the Diversity of People and Cultures acknowledges the unique gifts, contributions and perspectives of individuals and groups, reinforcing the need for participatory decision-making.

Sustainable Communities act in ways that nurture people and nature, now and in the future, to maintain the health and viability of our environment, society, culture and economy. 

Garden to Table

Garden to Table is a charitable trust that supports primary and intermediate schools and kura to take learning out of the classroom and into the garden and the kitchen. Garden to Table schools teach thousands of kiwi kids knowledge and skills that have a transformative and lifelong impact on their hauora — wellbeing — and on the world around them. 

For more information on Garden to Table, see their website: https://gardentotable.org.nz.

The Garden to Table process is:

Grow: Develop practical lifeskills alongside awareness of sustainability and environmentalism.

Harvest: Hard work and patience pays off with a sense of achievement.

Prepare: Develop skills for cooking meals from scratch.

Share: The age-old ritual of sharing food.

Lunchtime Activities

Enrichment Activities