At Aranga School our curriculum is respectful, innovative and diverse when meeting our students needs.  We are developing the knowledge and use of Te reo Māori and Tīkanga Māori.  We are utilising highly effective teaching and learning approaches across the school.  We offer learning through play, inquiry learning and also guided literacy and numeracy lessons.

Whaea Meg and Whaea Cece are our two teachers who plan and deliver the NZ Curriculum in our new learning space.  Koka (Whaea Louise) is our teachers aide who is able to provide further support to students learning.

We connect learning to our local community, our people, our place and our environment.  We have great community support and attendance of school events.  Currently we have mara kai (food gardens) and Mahi Tupu, where we grow our own seedlings to plant and improve the health of our environment.

Mahi Tupu

Seedlings for Everyone - In term one 2024 we will design and make a plan to construct a seedling tunnel.  We will also collect seeds to germinate to begin our Mahi Tupu programme.