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School Values

Values are important qualities and beliefs we try to live by and show in ways that as we go about our work and relationships with others in our school community.  We accept and adopt the values that underpin the New Zealand Curriculum.

Staff and students will be encouraged to value, model and explore:

  • Respect (for themselves, others, their environment)

  • Integrity (being honest, responsible, accountable, ethical)

  • Innovation, Curiosity Inquiry (to think critically, creatively and reflectively)

  • Excellence (to aim high, persevere to overcome barriers, and be a risk taker)

  • Diversity (as found in different cultures and languages)

  • Positive Attitude (through engagement, fun and humour)

Aranga Fab Four

The following Values are viewed (by our students) as being essential at Aranga:

  • Respect  

  • Integrity

  • Positive Attitude 

  • Excellence

Our values and curriculum priorities are modelled in ways that safe-guard our students’ identity, languages, abilities, cultures and talents.